Motherhood is such a sacred institution in many cultures and our society that it is romanticized to a fault.

But there are mothers who weren't equipped to raise a a child even IF they tried their best.

If you're the adult child of a mean or narcissistic mother, you may feel:

  1. Like you are constantly being criticized just as harshly as your mother, you may also criticize others just as harshly too.
  2. You are constantly defending yourself, trying to prove to the world that deep down inside you ARE good enough and worthy of love.
  3. You feel disconnected from your mother, like you didn't bond with her, and feel like there's something missing in your heart. You've also blamed yourself for this disconnection.
  4. You don't know who you are: what your interests, skills strengths are because you were taught to focus only on your mother and her needs.
  5. You have a harsh inner critic that constantly judges every decision you make.
  6. You may be indecisive, lack self-confidence even if you're really accomplished, and overall feel insecure.

"Just gave me the feeling of not being alone, made me feel hopeful that I can heal, made me feel like I was part of a family, and made me feel not alone. Confidence booster. See above, it is a worthy and necessary investment. Ruth is special as she understands it from a POC (person of colour) point of view and navigates complex situations with ease and compassion. You can also be assured that Ruth won’t judge you. "

- Workshop Client

Hi, I’m Ruth - Mother Wound Mentor + Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist

I specialize in helping adult children heal from narcissistic mothering. It was in my late 20s when I realized something wasn't right.

I was very defensive, insecure, felt like I was constantly criticized, and overall didn't feel worthy of love.

It wasn't until I looked into my past and realized I carried a heavy mother wound that.

Through years of healing, research and certifications I have been able to get to a place where I am truly content with my life and not constantly seeking validation from external sources.

I now specialize in helping daughters heal their mother wounds and get their life back.

You are worthy!